Spring inspiration with cherry blossoms

Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

Spring is in the air and there are picture of cherry blossoms all over social media. Here is my version:

I got inspired by this delicate flower embroidery. Embroideries don’t have to be big to make an impact. You can sew it once for a subtle effect or repeat it for an all over flower pattern.

This flower was launched at the same time as the first Grand Hoop 250x225cm, collection #469 Grand Flowers, now when we have larger hoops for our new machines, you can embroider the whole flower in a “regular” hoop if you just reduce the size by 10%.

The first example is a linen table cloth 150x66cm, finished with a beaded fringe. Or why not use it as a summer scarf, the size is perfect for that too. The red placemat is created in a heavy felt. Just cut a 43x34cm rectangle and embroider the narrow version of the flower. Matching napkins are always a nice touch, 45x45cm square, with inverted colors.

As you know, I mostly get inspired to sew clothes and I immediately thought about a kimono inspired dress that I have a pattern for, Vogue V9021. I found this green suede-like fabric that I liked and started the embroideries on the top.

I´ll show you the finished result next week. Even though that dress isn’t finished yet, I also have an idea about sewing a more traditional kimono, something I haven’t done before…

Hope you get inspired to create something for spring, here are three different versions of the flowers.




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