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Spring Fling Table Runner

24 maalis 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

Just in time for spring, create a beautiful, vibrant Spring Fling Table Runner to accent your dining room table.

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Star sign gift

20 maalis 2015 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

Sew your star sign as a gift or for yourself. It's an easy one-hour project  created with a triple straight stitch and Candlewicking stitch.

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Easter egg warmers - Free project

16 maalis 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

Create these cute Chicken Egg Warmers in felt for the Easter this year!

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Embroidered Free Flowing Dress

15 maalis 2015 Kommentoija PFAFF®

These beautiful designs will bring to mind exotic sundrenched places on other shores! Use them to decorate items for your home or embellish a breezy spring dress as we have done. You will love the many options available to you with this collection that have the flavor and versatility of...

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Superdesigns in 6D™ Software

13 maalis 2015 Kommentoija Carina Thavelin

There are a large variety of designs included in the 6D Software. One of the places you can find them is in the SuperDesign tab. Gunilla made a beautiful dress with starts around the neckline

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6D™ Software Newsletter - March 2015

12 maalis 2015 Kommentoija 6D™ Embroidery Software

This month, explore the Color Tone feature, the QuickFont Wizard, Multiply in Cross Stitcher, and the Encore tool in 5D™ QuiltDesign Creator.

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March 2015 - Free Sewing Project - Grand Dream Wall Hanging

1 maalis 2015 Kommentoija Marie Duncan

Make this great Grand Dream Wall Hanging using your Grand Dream Hoop! It is also great on the table as a focal piece!

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