Couture Dress

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Create a statement dress with embellishments and techniques like you’ve never done before! Use new PFAFF exclusive Floating Stitches that look like they have no connection point! Add the new PFAFF exclusive Radiant Stitches which are sewn at a 90 degree angle! Stitch rows and rows of embroidery along the hemline, easy to place perfectly with the Precise Positioning feature. Top it all off with a brilliant “necklace” piece, which becomes part of the dress bodice. The necklace features bobbin work, free-standing embroideries and piping - detailed nishes giving the dress a couture look. Add crystals for an extra special touch.

Project Instructions

You Need

Part 1: The Dress
• PFAFF creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine
• Dress pattern for strapless dress
• Silk fabric according to your selected dress pattern
• Fabric for dress lining
• Embroidery threads
• Bobbin thread for embroidery
• Sewing thread
• INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way stabilizer

Part 2: “Necklace" for Dress Bodice"
• PFAFF creative™bobbin case for bobbin work
• Fabric for main part of necklace
• Pattern paper to make pattern for necklace
• Decorative yarn for bobbin work
• Embroidery threads
• Bobbin thread for embroidery
• Sewing thread
• Piping for necklace edges
• Narrow Piping foot
• INSPIRA Tear-A-Way stabilizer
• INSPIRA water soluble stabilizer

Part 3: Bracelet
• Embroidery threads
• Bobbin thread in the same color as upper thread for embroidery
• Snap fasteners
• INSPIRA water soluble stabilizer

Optional: Organza fabric – bracelet elements may be embroidered with or without appliqué fabric as desired)

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