6D™ Software Newsletter - June 2014

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This month, see how to easily change the stitchout order of your designs in 6D™ Design Creator and play with frames and flourishes in 6D™ Embroidery Extra. We also share how to use charts in 6D™ Cross Stitcher and create edge to edge patterns in QuiltDesign Creator.

Inspired Icons
While creating a design in 6D™ Design Creator 6D Design Creator, have you ever wanted to change the stitchout order? You can do that easily with the Layout Order tools. Let's see how they work.

Module Mystique
The 6D™ Cross Stitcher 6D Cross Stitcher module is a great way to take your cross stitch charts and turn them into embroideries in minutes. Read More.

Technical Tune-Up
In 6D™ Embroidery / Extra 6D Embroidery you can select corners, flourishes, frames and side pieces to place around your embroidery. Learn How.

QuiltDesign Creator
When creating an edge to edge pattern for the quilt frame using the automated quilter, you only need to create one repeat and the size doesn't matter. The automated quilter will resize and duplicate based on the quilt area you set once at the frame. Read More.

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