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Brocade Dress

28 mai 2014 Posté par Carina Thavelin

I always want to visit fabric stores when I travel, here's the result of my fabric shopping in Florida.

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Cross Stitcher

16 mai 2014 Posté par Carina Thavelin

I just love Cross Stitcher. It is such an easy and fun part of 6D Software. Here is my latest project.

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Lunch bag

6 mai 2014 Posté par Carina Thavelin

Yesterday we did some sewing together in the marketing department - a lunch bag!

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14 avr. 2014 Posté par Carina Thavelin

A very popular trend is to decorate your home with sayings. It could be on anything from pillows to canvases. With the fonts in 6D Software you have so many options.

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Introducing the NEW PFAFF® Blog — Perfection Starts Here™

4 mars 2014 Posté par Carina Thavelin

Introducing the PFAFF® Blog!  Sewing inspiration, useful tips and hints, and sneak previews of our new, exciting products — Perfection Starts Here™ Perfection Starts

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