Décembre 2015 - Projet de Couture du mois - Décorations de Noël

Posté par PFAFF®

It's time to make use of some of those beautiful built-in decorative stitches and leftover fabric scraps to create these pretty little ornaments. You don't need much fabric! Each ornament takes just four pieces of 4" x 6" fabric. Embellish two pieces of fabric and combine with two pieces of solid color fabric, or embellish all four panels. The choice is yours. Be creative and have fun!

Sewing Supplies:

  • Any PFAFF® sewing machine with a variety of decorative stitches
  • 2A and/or 8 foot
  • ¼" Quilting foot with IDT™ system (Item #820926096)
  • Clear Open Toe foot for IDT™ system (Item #820916096)
  • INSPIRA® Fusible No-Show Mesh stabilizer (Item #620112096)
  • Optional: lightweight fusible quilt batting
  • Four fabric pieces 4" x 6" per ornament (or one piece 16" x 6")
  • One 6" piece of small twisted cording for hanging the ornament
  • Fiber fill
  • Sewing thread to match the fabric for the bobbin and for construction
  • 40 wt. decorative thread for decorative stitching
  • INSPIRA® 80/12 universal needle
  • Optional: hot fix crystals or beads to accent the stitching

Download Project Instructions