creative™ 4.5 Coussins Kaleidoscope

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Unlimited creativity with the built-in embroideries in creative™ 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine.

We created cushions 60 x 60cm (approximately 24”) in size using purple satin fabric.


  • Repeat the design cr_038.vp3, 8 times to create an endless pattern. Start in the center and use Precise Positioning to match each design perfectly.


  • Shaping; Load Design cr_001.vp3.
  • Add Design cr_004.vp3. Click on Basic Shape Creator. Select circle clockwise. Add 9 more designs. Scale the circle to 138.0. Click OK. Rotate design 30°.
  • Embroider the combined design 3 times, starting with one in the center of the cushion.
  • Use Precise Positioning to perfectly place each design.
  • Embroider Design cr_001.vp3 4 times placed around the first three.

For both pillows

Decorative 9mm stitches on both cushions;

  • Stitch 4.4.18, Robison Anton 2320
  • Stitch 4.5.16, Robison Anton 2426
  • Stitch 4.6.5, Robison Anton 2260
  • Stitch 4.4.14, Robison Anton 2261
  • Sew the stitches or embroider them in the hoop.