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6D™ Software Newsletter - February 2014


Check out the latest edition of the 6D™ Software newsletter!

6D™ Software Newsletter   February 2014

This months newsletter includes:

Did you know that the software splits your designs automatically for multipart hoops upon Export? Don't have a Multipart Hoop? Don't worry. Using the tools available you can dream big and fit it to your hoop later. Read our newsletter to learn about the various options you have. Read more.

Alignment tools allow you to arrange designs with precision. Embroideries can be arranged using a variety of options including Center in Hoop and Move into Hoop as well as the various options for both horizontal and vertical alignment. Read more.

Make one-of a kind embroidered charts, quilt blocks and album pages automatically from your own family history with 6D™/5D™ Family Tree or 4D™ Family Portrait. (The tree outline for the Davis chart is a SuperDesign available only in 6D™ Embroidery). Read more.

Do you want to quilt the borders for your next project on your embroidery machine? It is so easy to create a border design using Encore options in your QuiltDesign software, then split it for any hoop! Read more.

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