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Free Sewing Project - Embroidered Vase Cover


Update your cylinder vase with a sheer organza cover. Embroideries with metallic threads makes it a still life center piece.

Vase Cover

Free Sewing Project - Embroidered Vase Cover


Here’s a gorgeous free sewing project courtesy of PFAFF – an Intricate Embroidered Vase Cover. We used the PFAFF creative™ 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine and creative™ Grand Dream Hoop, organza fabric and some satin ribbon to sew this beautiful home décor project.


To create an Embroidered Vase Cover you will need:


  •        Cylinder glass vase
  •        PFAFF® creative™ 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine
  •        creative™ Grand Dream Hoop (#820888096)
  •        Organza fabric according to the measurements of your vase plus seam/hem.
  •        INSPIRA® Aqua Magic Stabilizer 12”x25 yards (#620114396) or 8”x25 yards (#620114296)
  •        Satin ribbon, ⅛” (3mm) wide approximately 2.5x the finished length.
  •        Embroidery thread
  •        Sewing thread


How to create an Embroidered Vase Cover:

           1. Hoop the organza and the Aqua Magic Stabilizer.
           2. Two repeats of embroidery design PRO_050 are combined in the

             creative™ Grand Dream Hoop. You can also use the creative™ Deluxe Hoop and embroider the design twice.
           3. Dissolve the stabilizer and set aside to dry.

            1. Sew the short edges together with a French seam to create a tube that will fit your vase.
            2. Sew Single Ribbon Stitch 6.5.10 around the bottom hem.

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