Skrevet af Carina Thavelin

One of my favorite things, except sewing dresses is collecting sayings that I want to embroider. I have done it for years and for a while now it has been popular in home decoration. Here are a few of my projects:

These pillows are embroidered with a font I use a lot; Carlton. As you can see above. Morris gets it, he's in the boys area :)


When my friends or family have babies I usually sew a blanket for the boy or girl. Here are two I have sewn as christening gifts;

I created the font in Quick Font, Arial Bold, outline and a triple straight stitch. Then I embroidered it as an appliqué and cut the excess fabric when I was done, leaving a raw edge.

It has been so popular that an aunt was really disappointed when she thought I hadn't done one for her granddaughter Amanda, but luckily I had.

Kram Carina


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