Marigold Quilt and Embroidery Project

Skrevet af Janet Sansom
General Requirements
Embroidery: 6 yards (5 metres) of black quilters muslin 40 inches (110cm) wide (this may be overestimated, however you may wish to test your stitching and it shall depend on how you cut your fabric as to how much is used)
1 1/2 yards (120cm) red tone on tone fabric 40inches (110cm) wide
2 1/4 yards (200cm) green tone on tone fabric 40inches (110cm) wide (I used the length of the fabric to prevent and joins, however this will leave left over fabric.  If you wish to use the width of the fabric you will only require 1 1/4 yards (120cm))
4 ¾ yards (420cm) of backing fabric 40 inches (110cm) wide
2 ¼ yards (190cm) of batting
Note: It is recommended fabrics be 100 percent cotton, pre-washed and well ironed. It is recommended you spray starch the back of fabric to be embroidered, including sashings. 
Cotton Construction Thread
80/12 Universal Machine Needle for construction 
70/10 Embroidery Needle
Fusible Tearaway Stabilizer
Light weight tearaway stabilizer
Embroidery Threads
Ribbon for decorating sashing’s
Black bobbin fill
Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat
Spray starch
Chalk pencil
Machine Accessories
1/4 inch foot
Endless Hoop 260 x 150mm
Finished Quilt Size:  Measures 72 x 82.5 inches (183 x 209cm)
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