Kleurrijke koerierstas

Geplaatst door PFAFF®

This courier bag is made of waterproof material decorated with appliqued graphic designs. It’s great for hiking and biking in the weekends. Download the appliqué templates and follow these easy instructions to construct your bag.

The bag is created using oilcloth in different colors. A non-stick presser foot is helpful when sewing this type of material. The special coating on the foot makes it´perfect for sewing hard-to-feed fabrics, like leather, foam, plastic, imitation leather and plastic-coated fabrics. Check out pfaff.com to find the item number for the non-stick foot suitable for your machine.

What you need:

  • PFAFF® sewing machine
  • Non-Stick Foot for IDT™ system (item no. 820664096)
  • Sewing thread in colors matching your fabric
  • Tape (use instead of pins to avoid unnecessary marks in the oilcloth).
  • Material listed in the cutting scheme below

Cut the pieces for the bag according to the measurements in the illustration below. All seam allowances are included in the measurements (sew together using the presser foot width as seam allowance).
A Heavy white oilcloth
B    Heavy yellow oilcloth
C, D    Heavy black oilcloth
E    Sturdy black strap
F, G    Black oilcloth for appliqués (templates are available as downloads)
H    White oilcloth for appliqués (templates are available as downloads)

Bag and Lining
1. Place bag front and back pieces (A in the cutting scheme) right sides together. Align the cut edge of the fabric with the right outside edge of the presser foot. Sew the side seams and the bottom of the bag together. Finger press.

Form the bottom by sewing the last two seams. Finger press and turn right side out.

Hem the Bag
2. Fold the upper edge to the inside of the bag (approx. ½” (1.5cm)) and sew in place using a straight stitch.


Shoulder Strap
3. Position shoulder strap on the side seam of outer bag, approximately 2" (5cm) from the top as illustrated below. Stitch the shoulder strap to the bag on both sides using a reinforced straight stitch.

Decorate and Sew the Flap
4. Transfer all the appliqués to the oilcloth and cut them out.


5. Arrange the appliqués on the flap. Use tape to hold them in place. Edgestitch the appliqués in place using straight stitch. Remove the tape as you sew.

6. Once the appliqués are done, bind the flap using the long black strips. Fold one of the long strips around one of the long sides of the flap. Use tape to hold it in place. Sew in place from the right side, using a straight stitch. Repeat on the other side and the bottom of the flap.

7. Sew the Flap to the Bag
Position the flap on the back of the bag. Let the flap and the bag overlap approximately 1” (2,5cm). Sew in place with double rows of straight stitches.

Now your bag is finished!

Download Template


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