Kindermuts met applicaties

Geplaatst door PFAFF®

Make these fun hats with your leftover jersey knit or fleece fabric. Simply download the pattern for the hat and the appliqué embroideries and you are good to go! No embroidery machine, no problem. Download the appliqué templates instead and sew them the traditional way.

You need:

  • PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machine
  • Decorative thread, 40wt rayon
  • Jersey knit or fleece 22”x 22" (56x56cm)
  • Cotton fabric for your appliqué
  • Sew-On Button Foot (item #820473096)
  • Button(s), 2 for car and 1 for bird
  • Stretch needle
  • INSPIRA® Stabilizer, tear-a-way or water soluble
  • Pattern for the hat
  • Embroidery designs or appliqué templates


Cut out the hat pattern in two copies and tape together.

Fold the fabric for the hat and arrange the patterns on top next to each other. The dotted line should be placed along the fold.

Cut out the hat. You will have a shape that looks like this:


Decide where you want to the embroidery to be, and hoop the fabric and stabilizer.

Insert a stretch needle.

Embroider the appliqué, adding the fabric when prompted.

Remove the fabric and stabilizer from the hoop.

Snap-on the Sew-On Button Foot to attach buttons (eye of the bird or wheels of the car). Place a button in the foot and attach the button using the button sewing stitch.

Sew the hat together
Start by sewing the curved seams together to form the top of the hat (marked with arrows in image below) using a seam and overcast stitch on the machine.

Place right sides together and make sure that the appliqué is on the inside of the hat.

Sew the long sides together, leaving an opening at one end. Turn the hat right side out and sew the opening closed.

Fold the lining to the inside. Done!

Download Designs   Download Template


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