Gequilte pannenlappen

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These lovely quilted pot holders will be a decorative eye catcher in your kitchen and you will have a fantastic time creating them. Download the leaf template and get started right away.  The pot holders will make great gifts that are both unique and personal.  
You need:

Download the templates and cut them out. Cut the strips for the leaves. They can all be in different length and width as shown in the image below.

Snap-on the ¼" Right Guide Foot and sew the strips together with ¼" seams.  

Layer pieced strips on top of batting, right side up. Arrange templates on top, making sure the dotted lines are parallel with the seams.

Cut out the 2 front fabric pieces together with the batting.

Sew A and B pieces together.

Place backing and batting together and the leaf on top. Snap-on the Multi-line Decorative Foot (item #821082096).

Start by sewing the center vein of the leaf. Stitch in the ditch.

Continue by sewing the veins going out from the center. Begin sewing at the center vein and sew out towards the edge. Your Multi-line Decorative Foot will help you keep an even distance between the veins.

Once all the veins are sewn, trim the excess fabric so that all layers have the same shape.

Starting at the center top of the leaf, pin the bias binding around the leaf on the pieced side.  Leave approximately 9" of bias binding at the end to make a loop.

Attach the ¼” inch Right Guide Foot for IDT™ System and sew the bias binding to the leaf using a straight stitch. Fold the bias over the edge and pin.

From the front side, sew the bias binding to the pot holder. At the end, continue to sew the bias binding together for the loop.

Snap-on the Sew-On button foot. Form a loop of the bias binding and attach the button through all three layers.

Repeat the above steps to create a second pot holder for a set.


Download Template


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