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Turn you scrap fabrics into a clever quilted bag that is perfect for pens and pencils, makeup, or whatever you need to carry.  The strip piecing technique makes it fast to assemble, add a zipper and viola - it's ready to use!

Supplies Needed
A - 13 fabric strips in different colors 1¼”x4” (3x10cm)
B, C, F - Cotton fabric for top, back and tabs on the zipper
D - Fusible batting
E - Fabric for lining
G - Zipper

Sew your Bag
1. Sew the colored strips together using straight stitch and a ¼” (6mm) seam allowance. Press the seams open.

2. Place the black top piece (B in the cutting scheme) right side together with the colored front piece. Sew together and press the seam open.

3. Press fusible interfacing (D in the cutting scheme) to the back of the front piece. Topstitch the seams. Trim excess stabilizer for even edges.


4. Press fusible interfacing (D in the cutting scheme) to the back piece (C in the cutting scheme). Trim excess stabilizer for even edges.

5. Place the outer bag and lining right sides together and stitch around three sides as illustrated below.


6. Sew the lining (E in the cutting scheme) pieces together as illustrated (leave an opening in the bottom).

7. Place the pen case in the lining, right side together. Sew together along the upper edge. Turn right side out and sew the opening in the lining closed.

8. Take the small fabric pieces (F in the cutting scheme) and fold around each end of the zipper. Stitch in place close to the edge of the black fabric.


9. Open the zipper and pin it to the upper edge of the bag. Use a decorative stitch to sew the zipper to the bag.


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