Lunchtasje (Engelstalig)

Geplaatst door Carina Thavelin

Yesterday, we had an activity in the office where the whole marketing department sewed.

We were creating personal lunch bags with our names. Well I didn’t sew one. I helped my colleagues. But I intend to make one for myself soon.

The bag was sewn in a heavy linen with a cotton lining. First they embroider the label with their name, created in the 6D Software using the Adina font.

Then they added ribbon stitches. These are special Pfaff-only stitches where the machine stops for you to fold a ribbon that is sewn into the stitch. This makes a really cool 3D effect.

You can find these type of stitches on creative 4.5 and even more styles on creative sensation pro.

Then they sewed the bag together and added the matching lining and the handles. A quick and easy project that only took a few hours to sew.

Everybody was really happy with their bags.



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