IDT (Engelstalig)

Geplaatst door Carina Thavelin

I guess you’ve all seen the stunning pictures for the IDT campaign.

The projects where all about how perfect you’ll get your seams when you have the IDT to support you. Being a sewer my whole life, I was amazed 11 years ago when I started working for Pfaff how well the IDT works.

My first project was a challenging velvet skirt. It is tricky to get the seams to match up but with the IDT it wasn’t a problem, same when I sewed a checkered skirt.


If you take a closer look at the dress and quilt created for the IDT campaign you can see the similarities with the IDT symbol.

The pictures for the campaign were taken at our local museum, where they have cool rough concrete walls that we wanted to use as a backdrop.


We tried several different settings and poses, and of course you need a lot of shoe options! I really need to sew a dress like this… I think it’s so cool!


Fun fact…it’s my hands sewing in the filmclip and I sewed the pillow.

Read more about the campaign here.