Faux Fur Jacket

Inskickat av Katrina Walker

Sewing Supplies:

PFAFF® ambition™ sewing machine
Rotary cutter and rotary cutting mat or fabric shears
Coordinating sewing thread and bobbin
Universal sewing machine needle
Chalk pencil or similar marking tool
Pins - extra long, or sewing clips
Toothbrush or other small, stiff brush
Pattern designed for faux fur
Hook and eye closures specially made for fur/faux fur garments
Layout Tips:
FauxFur_1.png When laying out pattern pieces for a faux fur garment, the faux fur   should be laid out in a single layer. For the most accurate cutting,   trace around each pattern piece with a chalk marker or similar   marking tool.
FauxFur2.png If a pattern piece is designed to be cut on a fold, either trace and cut a   second pattern piece and tape it to the first along the center line, or   trace one side of the pattern piece onto the fabric, then flip the pattern   piece over on the center line, as shown below with the back pattern   piece. 
 It can be helpful to mark the name of each pattern piece while tracing.   Be careful to orient each pattern piece so that they are all oriented in   the same direction. Faux fur is a napped fabric, so garment panels
 may appear to be different colors if they are not oriented in the same   direction when cut and sewn.  
FauxFur3.png To make it easier to sew matching corners and curves, such as for a collar, use a ruler to trace the stitching line on the fabric prior to sewing. 
Cutting Tips:
  • After tracing, you can cut out the garment pieces using either a rotary cutter with rotary cutting mat underneath, or else with a pair of fabric shears.
  • Keep a lint roller handy along with a soft brush and dustpan to keep stray fur bits under control.

Sewing Tips:

  • Faux fur is made with a knit construction, so a Universal needle works well for sewing it.
  • Engage the IDT™ System on your PFAFF® ambition™ sewing machine to ensure even feeding.
  • A standard stitch length (2.5) is fine for sewing faux fur.
  • The thick pile of the faux fur can easily cause the raw edges of the seam allowance to shift from side to side.  Use plenty of pins or sewing clips to help keep the edges aligned.
  • When pinning, push the fibers in the seam allowance toward the stitching line (away from the raw edge) to help flatten them and make it easier to align the raw edges.
  • Sew seams as you normally would, but after sewing each seam, brush the fibers trapped in the stitching out of the seam using
  • a toothbrush or similar small stiff brush. This will help make the seams less obvious.
  • Many faux fur fabrics cannot be pressed with an iron without permanently damaging the fabric.
  • Test using fabric scraps at different low temperatures, both with and without steam. Check for damage.
  • Try using only steam.
  • If pressing and/or steaming is not possible, a gentle opening of the seams with your fingers (finger pressing) might be enough to encourage the seams to lie flat.
  • If it is necessary to keep the seams perfectly flat, tack the seams in place by hand-stitching the seam allowances to the back of the fabric.The thick pile of the faux fur can easily cause the raw edges of the seam allowance to shift from side to side.  Use plenty of pins or sewing clips to help keep the edges aligned.
Finishing Tips:
  • Most faux furs are too thick to work well with standard closures. Use hook and eye closures specially designated for fur/faux fur. They are extra large and suited for fabrics with an
  • extra-deep pile.
  • After construction, give your faux fur jacket an all-over brushing to help remove any stray fibers and to help the pile lay in a uniform manner.
  • Enjoy your fabulous new faux fur jacket! Using these simple tips and your PFAFF® ambition™ sewing machine with the original PFAFF® IDT™ System - this glam addition to your wardrobe is fun and easy to sew - and even more fun to wear.
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