PFAFF® Introduces New Machines Incorporating the Technology to Create Delightful Details, Spark Endless Creativity

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Hamilton, Bermuda — PFAFF®, a leading global brand of premier sewing, embroidery and quilting machines, has two new additions to its stellar lineup of best in class products: the PFAFF® creative™ 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine and the PFAFF® quilt ambition™ 2.0 sewing machine. Both products offer a wide range of desirable and technologically advanced features for even the most discerning sewers and quilters – including the innovative PFAFF® Original IDT™ Integrated Dual Feed Technology System that the brand has perfected for more than 45 years.

“Today’s sewers know the key to achieving perfection with their projects is in the details,” said Katrina Helmkamp, CEO of SVP Worldwide, source of the PFAFF®, SINGER® and HUSQVARNA VIKING® sewing machine brands. “We are committed to giving contemporary sewers what they need, which is why our new machines are designed with optimized functionality to give sewers, quilters and embroiderers the ability to create beautifully detailed designs that will make a stunning impact.”

PFAFF® creative™ 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine: Equipped with the largest embroidery area on the market and sewing techniques exclusive to PFAFF®, this is one of the most tech-savvy sewing and embroidery machines available, inspiring users to produce creative and impactful designs with features like:

  • Exclusive Ribbon stitches: This patent-pending technology enables sewers to add ribbons to their stitches, creating decorative three-dimensional embellishments.
  • Exclusive Stacking stitches: Another patent-pending feature, this technology consists of pairs of matching stitches that can be sewn on top of each other in two colors, adding beautiful accents and elegant borders to every creation.
  • Basic Shape Creator™: Allows sewers to develop new creations with small embroideries and stitches, or even develop their very own pattern.
  • PFAFF® Stitch Creator™: Sewers can enjoy designing their own unique stitches or edit the 480 built-in stitches.
  • Original IDT™ Integrated Dual Feed Technology System: Sensor technology guarantees optimal feed for all fabric thicknesses, eliminating puckering and snagging.
  • Faster, more efficient embroidery: 30 percent faster embroidery speed* allows sewers to complete projects more quickly without sacrificing quality.

PFAFF® quilt ambition™ 2.0 sewing machine: Building on the success of the brand’s ambition™ line, this machine is a natural choice for proficient quilters and sewers who value precision and performance. Features include:

  • Original IDT™ Integrated Dual Feed Technology System: Built right into the machine, the IDT™ system delivers an even fabric feed from both the top and bottom of the machine to ensure optimal feeding, perfect seams and precise results.
  • 200 mm sewing space: This machine offers plenty of space for completing projects of all sizes.
  • Large, high-resolution touch screen: The easy-to-use, high-resolution display shows the actual size of stitches and allows for easy selection of the appropriate thread tension.
  • Bobbin thread sensor: This feature alerts the user when the bobbin thread is running low.

Additionally, the PFAFF® quilt ambition™ 2.0 sewing machine is equipped with 201 high-quality stiches, four alphabets and two extra feet: an open toe free-motion and ¼ inch quilting foot for the IDT™ System.

Both machines will be sold exclusively at authorized PFAFF® dealers across the country. For more information or to find a PFAFF® dealer near you, visit the Dealer Locator.

*On average as compared to the PFAFF® creative performance™ machine.  Average speed varies depending on hoop and embroidery type.

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