Decorative trims

Inskickat av Carina Thavelin

Ribbons and yarn can be a really nice addition to your projects, especially together with decorative stitches.

Here are a few favorites that I sewed in the picture above (shown in the same order from left to right):


Decorative Trim Foot for IDT™ System

You can choose ribbons 3, 6 or 12mm wide and sew them with a staight stitch zig-zag or a decorative stitch. The foot will easily guide the trim through the opening in the front and through the groove under the presser foot.



7/9 Hole Cord Foot for IDT™ System

Sew up to nine lengths of embroidery floss, pearl cotton or other threads in place with a decorative stitch. This technique is really fun to use with different color of the threads for a gradient effect.



Three Hole Yarn Foot for IDT™ System

This is for heavier yarns than the 7/9 Cord Foot but still using the same technique. There are several 9mm stitches specially created for this technique in the machines that have Optional feet stitches. 



Couching/Braiding Foot for IDT™ System

Perfect for sewing on yarns, cords, soutage braid etc using matching or invisible thread. You can even twist several yarns for combination of colors and texture.


These are just a few of the vast assortment of presser feet available.

Hope you get some ideas and want to try them!




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