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Semi-Circle Accessory Holder Sewing Project


This is an in-the-hoop project made with Shape Creator™ and Appliqué Creator and the built-in features on the PFAFF® creative icon™. The accessory holder has 2 or 4 built-in in pockets and is great for electronic cords, USB sticks or sewing accessories.

Semi Circle Accessory Holder

Semi-circle Accessory Holder Sewing Project


Sew a Semi-circle Accessory Holder with your PFAFF creative icon™ sewing machine.

The Accessory Holder has 2 or 4 built-in in pockets and is great for electronic cords, USB sticks or sewing accessories.

This is an in-the-hoop project made with Shape Creator™ and Appliqué Creator and the built-in features on the PFAFF® creative icon™.


To create a Semi-circle Accessory Holder you will need:



  •        PFAFF® creative icon™ sewing and embroidery machine

  •        INSPIRA™ Whisper Web Mesh 620111296

  •        INSPIRA™ Fusible Fleece 320003996

  •        ⅓ yd. Fabric A - Tone on Tone main fabric

  •        ⅓ yd. Fabric B - Black

  •        Robison-Anton® 40wt rayon embroidery thread to match Fabric A

  •        60wt black bobbin thread

  •         22” black zipper

  •         6” black ribbon - ¼” wide

  •         Straight pins

  •         White Chaco liner or pencil.

  •        Blue painter’s tape

  •        Rotary cutter, cutting mat and ruler

  •        Iron and pressing mat

  •        INSPIRA™ scissors


    1(12” x 15”) Fabric A - Front

    2(12” x 7”) Fabric A - Inside pocket

    2(12” x 15”) Fabric B - Front appliqué and Lining

    1(12” x 15”) INSPIRA™ Fusible Fleece

    1(16” x 22) INSPIRA™ Whisper Web Mesh for 360 x 260 hoop

    1 (6” x ¼”) black ribbon (tie for zipper) PFAFF, CREATIVE ICON, INSPIRA and, STITCH CREATOR are trademarks of Singer Sourcing Limited LLC. ©2019 Singer Sourcing Limited LLC. All rights reserved.


    1. Hoop INSPIRA™ Whisper Web Mesh stabilizer in 360x 260mm hoop.

    2. Thread machine with Robison-Anton® 40wt rayon embroidery thread on top and 60wt black bobbin thread in the bobbin.

    3. Iron INSPIRA™ Fusible Fleece on the wrong side of the (12” x 15”) Fabric A – Front piece.

    4. Zipper – Clip along both sides of the tape edge of the zipper, ⅛” deep and approximately ¼” apart.


    1. Sew the pocket first.

    2. Select Start Sewing, Stitch selected.

    3. Open STITCH EDIT.

    4. Move needle position to 2.3.

    5. Place the 2(12” x 7”) Fabric A - Inside pocket pieces right sides together and sew along the 12” edge on the top and bottom, leaving the short ends open.

    6. Flip right sides out and press.


    1. Touch Home.

    2. Select Start Embroidering.

    3. Touch Load Design.

    4. Swipe left to find QUILT, Category 9, Design 20. There are multiple designs in the quilt category that will work for quilting the center of your bag. Designs 9, 13, 14 and 16 will also work well.

    5. Touch and hold to load the design.

    6. Open HOOP OPTIONS.

    7. Change hoop to creative Supreme Hoop 360x260.

    8. Touch HOOP OPTIONS again to close window.

    9. Touch EDIT.

    10. Touch Position if not selected.

    11. Touch Move to Center to center design in the hoop.

    12. Deselect the design.


    14. Touch Load Shape.

    15. Choose BASIC, Circle.

    16. Touch Load Shape to close.

    17. Touch EDIT.

    18. Select Scale or drag a corner to reduce size.

    19. Change size to 160.4 x 160.4.

    20. Select Position.

    21. Touch Move to Center to center appliqué circle.

    22. Touch OK to close.

    23. Deselect appliqué by touching somewhere else on the screen.


    25. Choose Load Shape.

    26. Select BASIC, Circle.

    27. Touch Load Shape to close.

    28. Touch EDIT to open.

    29. Select Scale or drag a corner to increase size.

    30. Change size to 233 x 233.

    31. Center appliqué if necessary.

    32. Touch OK to close.

    33. Touch Load Design.

    34. Choose MINI, Category 11, Design 114.

    35. Touch EDIT.

    36. Select Scale.

    37. Unlock Padlock.

    38. Change size to 26.7 x 28.0.

    39. Lock Padlock.

    40. Open SHAPE CREATOR.

    41. Touch Load Shape.

    42. Choose BASIC, Shape 1, counter clockwise circle.

    43. Touch Load Shape to close.

    44. Open EDIT.

    45. Touch + to add designs to 25 or touch the number 1 and type in, adjust the number of repeats to your preference.

    46. Touch Scale.

    47. Change size of circle to 195.7 x 195.7.

    48. Center design.

    49. Touch OK to close.

    50. Load Semi Circle outline design.

    51. Center design in hoop.


    53. Select Baste Around Design.

    54. Select Color Block Sort and Color Block Merge.

    55. Touch OK to continue.

    56. Put the 360x 260mm hoop with INSPIRA™ Whisper Web Mesh stabilizer onto the embroidery arm.

    57. Center the Fabric A (12” x 15”) piece on the hoop, with the right side up and the INSPIRA™ Fusible Fleece touching the INSPIRA™ Whisper Web Mesh stabilizer.

    58. Stitch Color 1

    59. Stitch Color 2.1

    60. Lay the Fabric B (12” x 15”) on the hoop, right side up to cover the entire basted area. Optional: Touch baste to hold the fabric in place.

    61. Stitch Color 2.2.

    62. Cut the fabric from the center of the hoop where the quilt design is.

    63. Stitch Color 2.3, the satin stitch.

    64. Important: Do not cut the black fabric away from the outside when the appliqué

    stitches 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 are embroidering.

    65. Stitch Color 4, the decorative embroidery.

    66. Stitch Color 5.1.

    67. With the zipper closed, mark a line across the zipper about 3” from the top of the zipper where the pull is on the wrong side.

    68. Open the zipper.

    69. Make sure the zipper pull is face down on the back end of the hoop, place the 3” mark on the zipper underneath the needle. The teeth should face down.

    70. The edge of the zipper tape should be lined up with the previously stitched line and the teeth along the satin stitch. Use the blue tape to hold the zipper in place if needed.

    71. Use your foot pedal to stitch the zipper in place. Look at the satin stitch where the zipper teeth are or where the tape line is lined up with the outside stitching to keep your stitching consistent.

    72. When the left side is finished stitching, the needle will move to the bottom right.

    73. Place the right side of the zipper in place, lining up the mark you made on the zipper with where the needle is, make sure the zipper teeth and pull are face down and the zipper has not been twisted.

    74. Stitch the second side of the zipper in place.

    75. Lay the pocket on top of the project vertically, centered on the embroidery. The seams are vertical and the raw edges are at the top and bottom of the hoop.

    76. Tape in place if needed.

    77. Lay the (12” x 15”) Fabric B lining on top to cover the basted area. Make sure the fabric is taut so there is no extra fabric in the middle and tape in place.

    78. Stitch the last color, making sure the zipper is not caught in the stitching.

    79. Un-hoop the fabric.

    80. Very Important: Do not cut the Zipper ends. Trim only the fabric around the outside edge to a ¼” seam allowance but do not cut either zipper ends.

    81. Cut a 3” line vertically though the black lining fabric, this will be hidden later.

    82. Pull the project right side out through the hole.

    83. Pull the pocket to the inside if needed.

    84. Pull the zipper ends into the inside of the project, so you can’t see them. The zipper tab should be moved manually so it peeks out of the hole.

    85. Fold the accessory bag in half, pull the zipper out more and zip the bag. If

    everything works the way it should, open the zipper and the accessory bag so it is almost flat.

    86. Move the zipper teeth to the center.

    87. Sew a rectangle box on the right side of the bag to tack the bottom of the pockets in place and hide the open hole in the lining.

    Make sure the zipper teeth and the zipper pull are not in the sewing area to avoid breaking a needle.

    88. Sew a perpendicular line in the middle if you would like smaller pockets.

    89. Tie the ribbon to zipper pull.

  • Download Semi-Circle Accessory Holder design file

    Congratulations, you are finished with you semi-circle accessory holder!