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  4. creative™ 1.5 Bohemian Panel Top and Skirt

creative 1.5 Sewing Machine Leather Appliqué Project – Bohemian Panel Top and  Skirt


Appliques added on your sewing project or your readymade outfits will transform it to fashionable statement of your personality.

Sewing Machine Leather Appliqué Project– Bohemian Panel Top Skirt

PFAFF creative 1.5 Sewing Machine Leather Appliqué Project – Bohemian Panel Top and Skirt


Transform a ready-made top and skirt with this Leather Appliqué Sewing Project. Appliqués added to your sewing projects or readymade outfits will transform them into fashionable statements of your personality. The soft black leather used for the appliqué on our Bohemian Panel top and skirt is a stark contrast to the white fabric. Add in some bright colors for the embroidery to complete the bold look. Amazing!


Hints to create the leather appliques:


  •     We have used the embroideries from the PFAFF® creative 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine and the embroideries that comes with that machine.
  •     Create beautiful embroidery combinations in the included Embroidery Intro PC Software.
  •     Print out the templates of your embroidery combinations to fit them on your own pattern, make the fabric to embroidery slightly bigger and cut out the pattern pieces after the embroidery is finished.
  •     Remember to mirror the design combination if you want the embroidery to look the same on both left and right side of the garment.
  •     Use an INSPIRA® needle in the size/style appropriate for your fabric.
  •     Use INSPIRA® Stretch Needle for embroidery on leather.
  •     INSPIRA® Light & Tacky Tear-A-Way stabilizer is a great alternative to traditional hooping methods when working with leather. The light adhesive will hold the leather in place during the embroidery process; no hoop marks or holes from basting.
  •     Use the optional creative™ Endless Hoop II for continuous embroidery like the center front of the blouse. Re-hooping is fast and easy.
  •     Double-faced fusible web can be applied to the back of your appliqués to keep them in place while you are stitching. For larger appliqués, apply only to the edges, not the entire area.

        Make the zipper by stitching it on the outside of the garment with a decorative stitch.

  •     Fold and press the center seam allowance toward the wrong side of the fabric.
  •     Position the zipper, fully visible on the right side of the fabric.
  •     Sew in place with two rows of straight stitching.
  •     Decorate outside of the zipper with satin stitch #88. Be sure to use Fancy Stitch foot 2A.




For more inspiration and tips look at the creative 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine page.